Ideally suited for builder’s demanding the highest value in structural wall sheathing, DRYline® TSX combines the performance of a structural wall sheathing, water-resistive barrier, air barrier and draftstop into one product. DRYline® TSX is recognized for use in all 50 states throughout the United States and is available in four grades (Green, Red, Black & Blue) for residential and commercial applications. Contact us to learn more about DRYline® TSX, including custom printing and volume incentive programs.

Structural Performance

Dryline TSX meets wall bracing requirements for conventional light-frame construction under the International Residential Code and International Building Code. Dryline TSX meets the continuous sheathing requirements of the International Residential Code for narrow wall bracing and can be used in engineered designs in all 50 states – see the Resources section on this page for more details.

Water-Resistive Barrier

Dryline TSX is a recognized water-resistive barrier for use in residential and commercial projects. It meets or exceeds applicable building codes for water-resistant barriers and air barriers, creating a healthier, more energy-efficient building and eliminating the need for housewrap.

Air Barrier

Dryline TSX provides exceptional real-world resistance to moisture while limiting air movement within the wall cavity, creating a healthier, more energy efficient building.

Draft Stop

Through its lighter-weight engineered construction, DRYline TSX is an easy to use draftstop material for restricting the movement of air.

Compatible with Foam Sheathing

Thin profile sheets reduce overall thickness of wall assemblies incorporating exterior foam sheathing when building codes require higher R-value on the exterior building envelope.

Builder Volume Incentive Program

For strategic builder partnerships, contact us to learn which incentive programs may be applicable for your business.

Made in the USA

Dryline TSX is manufactured in the U.S.A., adding valuable jobs to our economy and ensuring quality, environmentally and socially ethical production.


Dryline TSX is manufactured from 98% recycled material, with no added formaldehyde and contributes to LEED points. Contact us for assistance in determining how DRYline TSX can contribute to sustainable building rating systems on your next project.

Technical Evaluation Reports / Application Instructions

Green Grade DRYline TSX

Red Grade DRYline TSX

Black Grade DRYline TSX

Blue Grade DRYline TSX