Optimal Performance Attributes 

HIGHER TEAR STRENGTH: Engineered specifically for demanding commercial construction applications, with over 2x the tearing resistance per ASTM D117. More durable than the competition, endures tough jobsite and weather conditions. 

LEADING WATER-RESISTANCE: Provides exceptional water resistance, exceeding applicable building codes. Achieves 98% drainage efficiency per ASTM E2273. 

HYBRID REVERSIBLE APPLICATION: Made for lengthy construction jobs, DRYline HPX Commercial is dual sided and can withstand up to nine months of UV exposure on one side and allows for open-joint cladding applications on the reverse (black) side. 

Now is the time to specify a better alternative for your clients.
DRYline HPX Commercial is available in the following roll sizes:

  • 5’ x 200’
  • 10’ x 125’
  • Other roll sizes available upon request

Meets Sustainability Initiatives

DRYline HPX Commercial helps earn LEED® points in the areas of Energy and Atmosphere (EA) by optimizing building envelope performance, Indoor Environmental Air Quality (EQ) through the Construction IAQ Management Plan, and its Low Emitting Materials qualification. Additionally, it satisfies the prerequisite for LEED® applications requiring compliance with ASHRAE 90.1-2010. By effectively sealing the building envelope, DRYline HPX Commercial reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling.


Part of an Efficient Building Envelope System

DRYline HPX Commercial can be seamlessly integrated with DRYline ATX Flashing Tape and DRYline Seam Tape products to provide comprehensive protection for wall systems which may qualify for limited system warranties.