All-Weather Application

Designed for application in temperatures as low as -10°F and to damp surfaces without the need for primers on most substrates. See Installation Guidelines for details.

Strong Compatibility

Non-asphaltic adhesive is compatible with flexible PVC window flanges and a wide array of sealants.

Seal Around Fasteners

Compliant with AAMA 711-13 guidelines for preventing water penetration around fasteners.

Conformable Construction

Rubberized polypropylene film easily presses into irregularities in OSB and transitions, eliminating gaps, which can create channels for water migration.

Extended Outdoor Exposure

Formulated to resist excessive UV degradation for up to 6-months exposure.

Extensible Structure (Flex only)

Micro-creped laminate stretches around arched windows and seals around inside corners in window assemblies, eliminating seams and gaps, which can create channels for water migration.

Third Party Tested

Compliant with AAMA 711-13 – Voluntary Specification for Self Adhering Flashing Used for Installation of Exterior Wall Fenestration Products.

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