DRYline SIX Structural Insulation (SIX) is continuous structural insulated sheathing, meeting IRC and IBC requirements for
lateral loads and thermal performance when installed per DrJ TER 2311-02.

DRYline SIX has an integrated film facer which serves as a code compliant water resistive barrier (WRB) when properly flashed and taped.

The thermal properties of DRYline SIX do not degrade over time, allowing the R-value to remain stable over the life of
the structure.

The combination of structural sheathing, continuous insulation, air barrier, and water resistive barrier components creates a 4-in-1 product, saving on time and labor.

DRYline SIX is available as 4’x8’, 4’x9’, and 4’x10’ sheets.



DRYline SIX is a 4-in-1 product, combining structural sheathing, continuous insulation, water resistive barrier, and air barrier components, providing significant savings on time and labor. Depending on your design criteria, DRYline SIX can be installed with the rigid insulation layer facing outward (“foam-out”), or with the rigid insulation layer facing inwards towards the wall cavity (“foam-in”).

See DRYline SIX Application Guide for complete installation instructions.



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