Water Resistant

DRYline W provides exceptional real-world resistance to moisture while limiting air movement within the wall cavity.


DRYline W is engineered for optimized breathability, allowing moisture to transfer from inside to outside the wall cavity while keeping new moisture and wind from penetrating the wall system.

UV Stable

DRYline W is treated to resist excessive degradation from exposure to ultra-violet light and may be left exposed for up to 300 days.

Meets US Building Codes

DRYline W is rated for commercial projects. It meets or exceeds applicable building codes for weather resistant barriers and creates a healthy, energy-efficient building.

Broadcast Custom Printing

Turn your building into a billboard with BROADCAST custom printing! A full range of vivid colors are at your disposal to print multiple, alternating messages and images on your building wrap. BROADCAST custom printed advertising also features the industry’s largest print area and lowest minimum order quantity.

Strong & Durable

DRYline W is cross-woven to resist tearing around fasteners and will endure tough jobsite conditions during installation.

Simple Application

Lightweight, yet durable, DRYline W is translucent which makes locating studs, openings, and corners quick and easy.

WRAPLAB™ Custom Print Designer

WRAPLAB is an interactive tool for creating custom designs that can be printed on your building products. Featuring BROADCAST® custom printed advertising, WRAPLAB provides the ability to print multiple messages in full color on the largest print area available, all with the industry's lowest minimum order. Get started today