Drainage Barrier

Achieves 98% drainage efficiency under the ASTM E2273 Standard Test Method.


Compliant with North American water-resistance standards for building construction and may be used with a variety of code-compliant sidings such as fiber cement, wood, and stucco.


Reduces the potential for condensation buildup.

UV Resistant

 With a higher UV exposure rating than other brands, it may be left exposed for up to 180 days. 

Broadcast Custom Printed Advertising

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Offers the most value for strength and performance vs. national competitive brands. 


More durable than the competition, and endures tough jobsite conditions. 


A better option for demanding jobsites. 


Makes it easy to quickly locate studs, openings, and corners. 


Recognized as an air barrier material for energy efficiency standards. 

WRAPLAB™ Custom Print Designer

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