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DRYline® HPX Commercial

DRYline HP is a commercial-grade building wrap, engineered from strong non-woven fabrics. It is the best choice for severe weather protection and is well-suited for residential and commercial projects with high-perm moisture transfer requirements.


Water Resistant

DRYline HP provides the highest real-world resistance to moisture while limiting air movement within the wall cavity.


 Air Barrier

DRYline HP is a recognized air barrier material that allows for the highest transfer of moisture vapor, creating a healthier and more energy-efficient structure for projects in wet and cold climates.



DRYLINE HP reduces the potential for condensation buildup and is tailored for projects requiring higher levels of vapor permeability.


 UV Stable

DRYline HP has a 50% longer UV exposure rating than other building wrap brands, and may be left exposed for up to 180 days.


 Meets US Building Codes

DRYline HP is rated for commercial projects and offers excellent performance in residential applications. It meets or exceeds applicable building codes for water-resistant barriers and air barriers, creating a healthier, more energy-efficient building.

Broadcast Custom Printing

Turn your building into a billboard with BROADCAST custom printing! A full range of vivid colors are at your disposal to print multiple, alternating messages and images on your building wrap. BROADCAST custom printed advertising also features the industry’s largest print area and lowest minimum order quantity.



DRYline HP is almost twice as strong as the industry leader, and will stay fastened for longer.

Energy Efficiency

DRYline HP is recognized as an air barrier material, which qualifies it as an “Eligible Building Envelope Component” under section 25C of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009. It also qualifies its user for a Federal Tax Credit.

Simple Application

Lightweight yet durable, DRYline HP is translucent which makes locating studs, openings, and corners quick and easy.